È possibile discutere di etica a partire da Timore e tremore? Un’analisi su Kierkegaard

  • Marcio Gimenes de Paula
Keywords: Ethics, Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Kierkegaard, Faith


The story of Abraham – and the divine command to sacrifice his son Isaac – is, as many of us know, the source of inspiration for some reflections of Kierkegaard in his work Fear and Trembling. From this episode, Johannes de Silentio, the pseudony- mous author of the work, who makes an ode to faith as the highest of the passions, also wonders about a problem that, according to his interpretation, seems central, i.e. the teleological suspension of morality. The objective of this paper is to investigate, especially from the reflections of Kierkegaard, a possible interpretation for the teleo- logical suspension of morality and in what circumstances such a thing does occur and where we can insert it in the ethical debates of philosophy of the nineteenth century.


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